In the Fields, Particles and Strings group, headed by Henri Verschelde, we study fundamental aspects of matter and its interactions. Our main emphasis is on strong interactions (Quantum Chromodynamics) and the study of black holes using string theory and gauge/gravity duality (holography, Ads/CFT).

In the Heart and Brains group, headed by Alexander Panfilov, we implement the latest experimental results into a detailed mathematical model of the heart and brain. Our main emphasis is on the mathematical modelling of heart arrhythmias using advanced techniques from theoretical physics and providing new insights into clinical treatment .

Research in the quantum theory group headed by Frank Verstraete is focused on the study of entanglement in many-body quantum systems. The main emphasis is on tensor network states embodying holography as a variational tool to describe strongly interacting quantum systems.

Mathematical and theoretical physics

Physics and astronomy department
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