Francqui Symposium

Wavefunctions and Entanglement in Quantum Field Theory

October 14-18 2019, University Foundation, Brussels


The symposium aims at bringing together experts on the topics of variational and nonperturbative methods in quantum field theory, topological and conformal field theory, and quantum entanglement in QFT. Those topics have recently experienced a revival of interest due to advances made in the field of quantum computing and quantum entanglement theory. Area laws and entanglement Hamiltonians have opened up a new window into the structure of quantum correlations in strongly correlated systems, and led to a revisit of the variational principle for quantum field theories in the form of quantum tensor networks. Dualities, as symbolized in the picture of Magritte above, and nonlocal symmetries are proving to be manifestations of emerging order in the entanglement structure, and tensor networks provide representations for the underlying tensor fusion categories. The main purpose of this conference is to bring together the different communities that have been working on the many theoretical aspects of this program.


Mari Carmen Banuls (Max Planck)

Denis Bernard (ENS)

Pasquale Calabrese (SISSA)

John Cardy (Berkeley)

Ignacio Cirac (Max Planck)

William Donnelly (Perimeter Institute)

Paul Fendley (Oxford)

Eduardo Fradkin (Urbana-Champaign)

Jurgen Fuchs (Karlstad)

Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt) - to be confirmed

Robert Konik (Brookhaven)

Parameswaran Nair (CUNY)

Tobias Osborne (Hannover)

Steve Simon (Oxford)

Joost Slingerland (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Karel Van Acoleyen (Ghent)

Herman Verlinde (Princeton)

Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT)

Registration is compulsary but free, and there is an opportunity to apply for a talk and/or poster. The list of accepted talks will be announced by August 31. The number of participants is limited, so please register asap.